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Saturday, 5 March 2011


So, because the event is World Book Night, I thought it might be a good idea to leave some books dotted around town for people to find in the morning. Using resealable food bags to protect the books from the outside world (in what I feel no arrogance in saying was an excellent idea), I hit the streets. However, due to not being used to living near the town centre and downright idiocy, I forgot it was Saturday and thus drunk people would be everywhere. As a result, There aren't really many exciting locations, and nearly all of the photos are pretty dreadful. But, for the sake of being complete, let's post them all anyway.

Various places around Leamington Spa
Wow, they were pretty awful pictures, weren't they? I suppose they're just for illustrative purposes, so it shouldn't matter all that much. Let's go through them one at a time:
  • A bench. Exciting!
  • Another bench, this time in a small shelter just outside the Citizens' Advice Bureau. I have no idea why this sheltered area exists, but I liked it. It got a book.
  • A car windscreen. Herein begins a fairly entertaining exercise in picking cars totally at random and deciding to leave books on the windscreen roughly in front of the steering wheel.
  • Nondescript car.
  • Another car, but this time a picture I like. It's a nice red. Also, just to the left of where I left the book was a Warwick University Car Park Pass. Yes!
  • Big car.
  • Painfully dark car.
  • Car outside flats where people were singing very loudly
  • NOT A CAR! This is actually the doorway to the church near to my house. I felt they might like a free book. The security light, although beneficial to a nice photo, made me feel really suspicious.
  • People carrier.

Now, I am aware of the dangers of many of these book placements. There's a chance that they might get damaged by the weather (although I hope the food bags prevent that) or by an unobservant driver, and a chance the person who finds it might not appreciate it or that a drunkard may come across it and move it. But I really like the idea of someone finding something totally unexpected, and I feel that outweighs the risks.

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